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Kimoodo Healing. An exploration of the six life energies, Love, Joy, Fairness, Compassion, Confidence and Wisdom.

For many years, Kimoodo has opened hearts &
minds with its holistic approach towards healing...

... helping people regain their powers of rehabilitation

Now you too can experience this
life-changing program with our
Middletown Kimoodo classes.

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The Secret Behind Inner Calm...

By making conscious efforts to move with inner peace and respect for the body, Martial artists uncovered movements that tapped into the soul.
These movements release anger, pain & frustration...

... and welcome peace, joy & bliss into your life.

Now, years later, you can access these secrets... and experience
bliss every time you come.

Our instructors will kindly guide you through the Four Stages of Rehabilitation, for longevity and health. These include:

  • First Stage: Assess your current state, and enhance it with proper breathing, posture, and positive thoughts
  • Second Stage: Deconditioning - Shed the obstacles towards health and perform Power Breathing, Power Stretching, and of course stimulate your Powerful Mind.
  • Third Stage: Reconditioning - Apply the practices of Kimoodo in everyday life. Right thinking, speaking, and acting
  • Fourth Stage: Celebrate your improvement, and delve into the process of self-maintenance. Share your new life skill with others, and revel in its simplicity.


Health Benefits Galore.

Kimoodo helps your body in so many ways. It
improves joint function... relieves muscle cramping &
pain... soothes stress... improves blood pressure...
reduces anxiety... and so much more.

"From the moment we are born to the moment we die, we must constantly improve ourselves. It is our obligation as human beings."
- Grandmaster Joon P. Choi

Reach for the Stars

Perfect for Men & Women of all Ages, Shapes, Fitness Levels & Sizes.

Healing Energy Merged with the Dynamics of Martial Arts

Kimoodo is gentle, non-intimidating, and can be done by practically anyone!

These classes are in no way about violence, self-defense, or fighting. They're
about healthy exercise and internal peace - plain and simple.

Ying Yang

Instructors to Guide You in Relaxation Health, and Movement.

We're very passionate about Kimoodo here. For years, it's been an
important, healing part of our lives.

Our goal is to share this passion with you, so you can
experience the incredible benefits Kimoodo has to offer.

Kimoodo has changed people's
lives for the better. We'd love nothing more than for you to
experience the gift of Kimoodo, too.


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